“Bobbie Jo  is a clinically trained health care professional who has chosen to stand by her heart, aligning her own personal values with her life’s work.    As a life coach, she empowers clients to embrace what they want and need for their future.

Bobbie Jo Hunter is a gifted problem solver, bringing distinctive talents and disciplines to her work.  She has practiced psychotherapy in Seattle, traveled extensively, and lived and worked in China and Papua New Guinea.  These experiences have opened her mind to the study of diverse philosophies and led her to dedicate her life to exploring the human psyche and quest for meaning.  Using various tools and techniques developed over two decades of professional practice, she helps clients see where they are stymied, and guides them to creating the joyful, satisfying lives they imagine.

Bobbie Jo’s work is entirely about merging the core of one’s inner being with the realities of one’s outer life.

With a contagious and grounded enthusiasm of living joyfully, she supports her clients in creating a “map” and designing a vehicle to get them from where they are in their current lives to the place they want to be.”

 Woody Winfree, author and Life-Cycle Celebrant ® www.woodywinfree.com