“Every time I speak with Bobbie Jo, I leave our sessions feeling hopeful, renewed and clear minded. Her experience in her field and her natural gift of healing result in her ability to help others make great progress. I have called Bobbie Jo over the past 10 years for many different reasons, including everything from relationship hurdles to career decisions. The great difference between speaking to Bobbie Jo and speaking to a family member or friend for advice is I leave the conversation with a road map for my next steps. Our conversations are always productive and she has a special ability to guide me to the wisdom of my own heart. I feel so grateful for my relationship with Bobbie Jo, she has helped me to know myself better, she is a gift! ”
Kristina S. ~Marketing and Investor Relations, Adventure Seeker

“The lessons I learned from Bobbie Jo Hunter will remain with me forever. She gave me the tools to understand life situations that had previously befuddled me. Her expert guidance and wisdom changed my life. I recommend Bobbie Jo to anyone who is seeking the same to cope with life or career changes.”
Mark R. ~Writer, Editor, Designer at Document Solutions~

“Bobbie Jo provides tools, ideas, and critical support for clients reaching for a new goal or ready to transition, personally and professionally. She is the coach who believes in you, tackling, with ease, any doubts that you voice. High Integrity, much experience and a love for what she provides brings success for her clients.”
Sarah D. ~Composer, Movement Specialist, Writer~

“As an Executive Coach, Bobbie Jo has provided me with tools, processes and techniques to manage client situations that have included some very interesting challenges the last several years. Her wisdom, guidance, creativity and thought leadership have provided me with knowledge – and strength – to get through those challenges and has been the basis for solid decision making with my client companies as well as my personal and professional growth.”
Elizabeth C.  ~Project/Process Management Executive, Project Management Instructor~

“Bobbie Jo is a delightful life coach/mentor who is adept at supporting you and helping you live a more fulfilling life. I recommend her unreservedly for anyone who wants to be healthier and happier. Her approach is holistic.The results are simply amazing. I have made enormous strides since I began working with her.”
Miriam R. ~University Communications Director ~


“I began my work with Bobbie Jo to explore and hopefully change the maladaptive patterns I found myself in when it came to romantic relationships. Through our work together, I came to know and trust myself more deeply, and to listen to my intuition and the universe. Thanks for that! I also really
appreciated her combination of traditional and spiritual techniques to add depth to our work.

Thanks again, Bobbie Jo.”

Loren G. ~Supervising Rehabilitation Counselor, Music Therapist, Musician~